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Traffic Violations

Experienced Defense Against all Traffic Violations

Whether you got something relatively minor, such as a speeding ticket, or you're facing a misdemeanor for a more serious traffic crime, you can find help at the law firm of Buckley & Gerry in Yorktown Heights. Our experienced lawyers can handle all traffic violations, including:

  • Aggravated unlicensed operation of a vehicle (511 violations)
  • Driving with a suspended registration
  • Driving without insurance
  • Speeding tickets
  • DWI

All Traffic Violations Have Repercussions

Even a minor traffic violation, such as a speeding ticket, has repercussions. In New York, there is a point system. There are points associated with every traffic violation. When you get points against your driver's license, your insurance company finds out. Your insurance premiums will increase. If you get 11 points in a year, your driver's license will be suspended. Regardless of how many points you may have, the DMV must revoke your driver's license if you are convicted of three speeding violations within an 18-month period.

A major traffic violation, such as aggravated unlicensed operation, is considered a criminal offense. This is not a mere traffic ticket. It is a criminal offense, typically a misdemeanor, and it carries with it all of the penalties of a criminal offense. If convicted of a major traffic violation, you will have a mark on your record. In the most serious cases, you could be incarcerated. Our attorneys can defend you against all traffic violations, major and minor.

Defense Against Driver's License Suspension

Traffic violations can result in two cases. There is the ticket itself, but there is also the administrative case associated with your driver's license. For example, there are refusal hearings in DWI cases. Driver's license suspension is a risk that needs to be addressed, and you can be confident that our lawyers can address it. We will fight to protect your driving privileges.

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Our experienced New York lawyers are prepared to assist you with a speeding ticket or any other traffic violation. Let us put more than 30 years of experience on your side.

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